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06-17-2013, 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
I've been trying to buy the lifetime subscription for two days now, but it says there's an "error updating subscription", but wait, that's not all. It also says that my six month subscription that I paid for two months ago is now cancelled. Of course I have filed a ticket, and no answer yet. I doubt that I will get the problem resolved before the sale ends. Cryptic, I am actually trying to SPEND MONEY, why won't you take it?
Same thing has happened to me, tried to purchase LTS, and my recurring gold account gets canceled 2 weeks before auto-renewal. Furthurmore this has branched off into my Champions Online account which was also canceled from recurring gold to silver account 3 weeks or so from auto-renew. I want the LTS for STO, and now the sale will be gone a day before my next payday. I am hoping this is fixed before then, and that myself and others trying to buy LTS will get the chance to do so even after the sale ends.