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06-18-2013, 01:29 AM
The way I see it is that not calves are too thin, but they made boots thicker. There is now a clear edge where the boot ends and the leg starts. It really shows on the shorter boots that the feds have. The klingons always had massive boots which made me wonder what are these, where is it made off, can you walk/run proper wearing these. (These boots aren't made for walking)

Computer figures don't have clothes in fact. They have a skin which represents their body and their cloths. With the edge on the boot they have tried to represent there is actual material on the leg and feet.

The pictures of the legs here in this thread show it well. The first one shows a leg with a different skin. The second one shows a leg with a boot on it. However it seems we can only have boots with isolation, only thick boots.