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06-18-2013, 09:23 AM
More transparency in the direction the game is going, as well as the current status quo from the dev teams perspective would both be welcomed editions.

Some hybrid of Engineering reports/State of the game with possibility for dialog/feedback from the community on key aspects of the ER/SOTG the devs may or may not need specific feedback on.

The single biggest issue for the community right now is the disparity between player classes and ship classes. It would be a good first topic for the devs to give their perspective on the situation, whether they deem it is an issue and if so what avenues they are considering.

While they are not exactly labeled as 'Ask Cryptic's, many of the podcast and fansite interviews that are conducted feature segments that include questions submitted by the community via question submission threads in these forums. You can look forward to these interviews continuing, as they already occur on a much frequent basis than the 'Ask Cryptic', allowing for us all to enjoy player-submitted questions answered more often. The same goes for all the questions we answer via these forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc. -- we love answering them, so keep them coming!
Less energy should be spent on podcasts/fansites and more on the community you have right here on this very forum. This is where the heart of the STO community resides. Communication needs to be here first and foremost, not hidden away in some multiple hour long irrelevant corner of the internet.

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