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06-18-2013, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
It could be one, it could be multiple Depends on how many questions are asked for them for the entries that are chosen. Think about some of the interviews that our fansites and podcasts do -- the entries would be like those questions, but written and delivered in a web article.

Also, we're not going to be able to run all the features I suggested in the OP every month, but we'd look at running at least one of them, and switch it up from month to month, rotating between them and the other ideas that have been and will be brought up in this thread.


Brandon =/\=
I don't know if rotating them is a good idea. When one gets more popular than the others, if there are months between versions of it players will get restless for its updates.

I'd say do the following:

State of the Game: Monthly. This is practically required. We want whatever info we can get on the upcoming month(s)' releases/updates as frequently as possible.

Player Surveys: Definitely use these for internal decision-making, especially when the internal polls are close. But it doesn't need to expand out to a monthly feature. Perhaps include results as part of one of the other features?

Pick a Blog: Definitely nice every once and a while, but if it interferes with regularly scheduled Dev Blogs watch how frequently it's used.

Interview with a Dev: I was wondering how this would work...would you pick one Dev/department and run a blog with just answers to those questions? Or would you pick and choose among all of them and post a few from Dan, a few from UI, etc.? (EDIT: And by "you", I really mean "whoever's behind running these." )

I think "Interview with a Dev" holds the highest potential, and on months where there's not much new coming out do Pick a Blog. Incorporate Player Surveys into a monthly State of the Game.

Just my $.02.