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06-18-2013, 10:38 AM
Not sure the value of ask a dev, doesn't seem like there is a lot of point of asking anyone but Dan or Al anything, at least if you are looking for new information. It might be interesting to have a regular Q&A from Al since Dan defers ship stuff to him, and that is what many players care about.

No matter what you do Cryptic is going to get complaining over the questions. They are all player questions, but if they aren't the "right" questions other players will complain, like they are somehow more important than anyone else.

There used to be a time where, Dan especially, would talk more about aspirations for the game, but then he started getting players complaining about overselling features and making false promises.

Its really a matter of Cryptic has to choose what reality it wants to live in, being more accurate about new features/changes/content, which is the direction that has been moved into over time, and also means you guys only talk about things that are pretty set in stone, or being more open about development goals and hoped for features, and accepting that there might be some drift in scope/change of plans/canceled plans, and that some players will get a lot of angst from that.

Personally I like the open conversation approach, where ideas and development concepts can be discussed at length, and where the community would have to accept that not everything said is set in stone. Think about Al's marathon podcast conversations, I sat through all 6 hours between the two. Those were awesome, and gave some real insight into the development process, and also provides some interesting dev side view of theorycrafting.