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06-18-2013, 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by i8472 View Post
Just a heads up I went on Editor and changed this up a tiny bit.

I think I figured out why this was not working.

The placement before was set to relative to terrain.

now it is set to Zero altitude.

conjecture... /thinking out loud(typing)

Its possible at that location on the map... it does not place objects, where you would expect them to be. When set to relative with terrain. even though "Y" value is Zero.

Zero altitude seems to have worked around that.

* this map has been edited Monday June 17 around 9 pm Mountain standard time.

If you want me to return the values to relative to terrain I can do so, if you're still investigating.
Yeah, that matches what I found. Setting that one to Zero Altitude or Geometry makes it work.