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06-18-2013, 10:02 AM
What makes a new feature viable?

What is the process behind introduction of a new game feature like the Starbase system or the doff system or reputation or Feature Episode from concept to release? How long does it take? Who is invoved in greenlighting it? How does such a project evolve during production?

And on a related note? Did you ever consider a kickstarter system to get more difficult to finance products and features of the ground because they don't have direct revenue? Players could treat them like a starbase or reputation project, so the system for this is already in place essentially.
People contribute time and in game resources and perhaps even Zen for let's say an improved Risa zone or a new DS9 ground map or a new PvP map.
Everyone who contributes unlocks certain smaller ingame items or a limited stipend of dilithium or some such depending on his contribution.