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06-18-2013, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by bootyboots View Post
tier 0 buffs are +1
tier 1 buffs are +2
tier 2 buffs are +4
tier 3 buffs are +6
tier 4 buffs are +8
tier 5 buffs are +10

you are paying for better buffs, not more of them

I'm thinking you may be in a fleet that eats through these buffs just because and saving them for really difficult occasions.

If it upsets you that much, make a branch fleet, tier it up to tier 1 and provision it(will take less than 2 weeks) then you can buy cheap buffs from your tier-5
If it was the case that this is working properly then why do operational assets get provisioned more with every level? The quality of the asset you can use increases with each tier just like the effect of the buff does. Same thing to a degree for the shipyard, the higher level shipyard you have the better ships you can get from it.

Both operational assets and fleet ship provisioning projects increase in cost with each tier and return more provisions with each tier, it is only buffs that do not. It is clearly a bug, oversight, or just general screw up that they are not willing to admit to.

When we were a small fleet having these buffs on hand was no problem, but now that we are a 500 member full tier 5 fleet 5 buffs per day just doesn't cut it. Thats what, 1 of each buff for each fleet member every 100 days? That can't be working as intended.