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06-18-2013, 12:19 PM
Others have said it, but I'll reiterate. The problem isn't the format of Ask Cryptic, its the substance of your answers. Ever since you ditched Engineering Reports and decided to stop sharing information with your player base, it hasn't much mattered what you say. You don't give us any details on what's being done and the questions you do choose to answer are total fluff pieces or given the "soon" treatment.

It's pretty clear that the opinion of the player base doesn't factor into design decisions, so why bother asking our opinion of your new propaganda machine? It will be designed to be mildly interesting to the average player that occasionally stumbles onto the website, not the dedicated type of player that actually comes to the forums to leave feedback and ask questions.

I guess it'll give Cryptic something new to post so they can give "Dilithium 101" a rest, at least.