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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
  • "Player Surveys/Polls with Dev Feedback" - We also plan to run more player surveys and polls. If you recall this survey from last September, the majority of those who participated voted for "playable Romulans" and "more KDF content." Looking from September to now, we were able to accomplish both! While we may not always be able to development the most requested feature, your feedback and desires to play a role in what gets developed. Also, when we post results of the survey or poll, we'll also be including Dev feedback on your replies and/or choices.
I'm pretty sure the "player surveys/polls" will be a forum favorite, but I'm also fairly certain that these polls don't actually have any large impact on the design process that is inferred from such a poll/survey. From all the previous surveys, I'm pretty sure all options were/are valid options with at least some work going into them already, with the options going to be released anyway.

Just like the "next playable faction" survey, how was it not going to be Romulans no matter what? It's pretty apparent to me that Romulans were going to be the next faction regardless of whether it was a fan favorite (which again, how could it not be a fan favorite?). More content for KDF as the next topic of focus? How can anyone believe that not already something they were working on?

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