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06-18-2013, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
A couple of builds I'm considering for my Sci to minimize P2W factors, for the sake of experimentation.

In both cases:
Power settings: 15/45/50/90

2xPWO, 1 Deflector Officer, 1 Gravimetric Scientist, 1 new-doff-that-reduces-cooldown-on exotic-damage-on-use-of-GW/TR

What do you all think? Is it viable in pugs? (I don't run premades. My fleet isn't big on PvP. Not to mention my connection can't usually handle voice comms simultaneously. Pugmades at most.)
those look a bit more stf ready, with the gravity wells. with particle gens, those GW wont hold very well vs using graviton gens. the transphasic weapons are a good way to go on a sci ship though. thats a good place to start from, those builds, tweek as you see fit. that kind of ship i have the least practical knowledge using im afraid, i cant advise as well as i could for a more tactical captain and ship.
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