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06-18-2013, 03:36 PM
I would like to see a factional focus from time to time.

I know there is a kdf podcast out there, gates of stovokor. but they seem to be the only guys batting for a faction. other podcasts out there seem to cover a wider range of things.

so maybe a focused

fed 20 questions

kdf 20 questions

romulan 20 questions

for them factional specific questions.

polls in general are great. but I would like to also see some polls that are like a kdf only poll. or romulan only poll.

and be brave. your extremely popular poll which romulans was a clear winner and a 2nd placed kdf content.... when people voted they voted for a full romulan faction. not half of 1. so label you intentions better. i'm pretty sure your half faction wouldn't have got many votes against a full faction option. 'playable romulans' was rather misleading and at no point did any one clear that up until it was far too late.

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