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06-18-2013, 05:37 PM
Originally Posted by warpangel View Post
Why are you storing them in the first place? You can buy them at every station. Complete waste keeping them in the bank when you can just fill up projects straight from a vendor.
Its easier to have get in all in one trip than to have to go back 36 time as you work your way through the rep system especially if your doing this on multiple toons. If I had to go back to port for all of my 3 toons every day it would take me at least 20 min just to start new projects.

IMO its totally worth it to get them ahead of time and if I wanna get this stuff while I'm already there i should be able to do so without filling my bank like a bunch of tribbles attacking a stack of banana splits.

Either stack limits need to increase or the devs need to use stuff that already stacks a lot more EC into one inventory spot. But using literally 60 inventory spots to store 384,000 EC worth of rep inputs is just plain ridiculous. It was bad enough for the 1st two reps but now its even worse cause the devs had a chance to see how bad it was the 1st time and they did it again with the Nukara rep.