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06-18-2013, 10:34 PM
I too was having a really crappy performance issue with the game since LoR hit...

I finally went into Video Options under TROUBLE SHOOTING at the bottom and TURNED OFF the Direct X-11Beta option. (didn't even know it was ON)...

My game playability improved almost immediately.

There are Three Options for this...

DirectX-9 or 10

Make sure to use the one that is most compatible with your machine.

I have an older machine that is still running on Direct X-9 and doing fine with the game.

Another thing you can try is to change what MODE you are running the game in...


It can make a big difference depending on your system.

For me, FULLSCREEN worked best till LoR hit, now WINDOWED works best.

By checking these two thing, I was able to vastly improve my game playability.

I still get the occasional drop-out but no where near the large number as before, nor the massive lag I had been plagued with lately.

Just some suggestions.

BTW: Everybody that is seeing the bos0x.atlas.cogentco with their pings...

We just found out recently that that is were the Cryptic Server is located.
(Dstahl mentioned in the latest ASK CRYPTIC, that their server is located on the East Coast in Boston)

So if your getting lousy numbers there, it's probably them, not you.
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