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06-18-2013, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by omegashinzon View Post
Ok, so I'm already tiffed that the 100 item cap was added to the mail. In fact, no one would even know about it if players didn't research it as we were never told about it. My old method was simple, put extra common doffs in mail. Swap toons, remove whatever doffs were needed for that fleet. Repeat. So now I need security and med doffs, open 25-30 doffs packs, get 6 security and ZERO meds. Now I have 50 sci doffs, my roster of 400 is full and I can only list 40 on exchange. And when I do, some lowballer comes along and undercuts me. I relist all 40 below him, I get undercut by 1500 this time. This is just stupid. Why the *** can't I have more than 100 items in my ACCOUNT mail that has 25 or so characters??? I can't even mail these to myself and then donate them to an alts fleet because I don't know who needs what. This makes me not want to open Doff packs, buy anymore character slots, or even buy any keys because I will get doffpacks. Limit my account mail? Fine, I limit my buying of keys till a solution is provided. Period.

Possible answers you don't need to provide.
-Delete them. : No. I would rather donate or sell for the 300-400k.
-Transfer to an alt. : Why? So all my alts are full of scis? I'm not going to spend all day swapping toons to find out what fleet needs scis today and repeat non-stop. Forget it.
-Buy the security & meds. : Guess I have to. Still doesn't solve why I get not one medical in 3mil worth of packs or what to do with exttra common doffs now or later.
-Sell on exchange : No kidding. I've already explained how it fills up the exchange. Undercutting doesn't guarantee anything. Besides, since when do you sell something you need? I need sci doffs, just not on that toon right now. Sell for 1k, buy for 11k later? no thanks.

Stated again for clarity. I open not one more lock box or buy one more key to sell until I can move doffs in some way, store more, or get a fair balance at the very least.
this would be solved if they hadnt removed the reward for dismissingf them. 1dil is pointless. its a joke. make it worth it to dismiss them, ec prices of white will go up and also the costs of other doffs.