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Do you think my idea of scaling the discounts to favour smaller fleets that'll be stuck in T1/T2 longest (to like 8%/12%/15% for T1/T2/T3 respectively) could be exploited?
any scaling can be exploited

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As for how to benefit smaller fleets more, don't smaller fleet have more fleet creds? Individuals are inputting more stuff compared to members of larger fleets and so have more FC's to spare? (myself am floating around 2mil unused FC's).
balanced fleets have no problems with fleet credits, my fleet has ~120 (about 40% of our roster) active contributors we are only running the t-4 1k xp SB projects and 1 30-min project, embassy is finished so we dont run projects there.

The mega fleets are the ones with fleet credit issues and are giant sinks for dilithium just to get more fleet credits
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