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06-19-2013, 02:27 PM
It doesn't need a BC, but what it does need is for the cloak to be part of the ship instead of a console. I mean, there a number of reasons to do this.

Canon wise, the only reason the defiant could cloak, was per agreement with the romulan government that they could have a cloaking device, provided they only used it in the gamma quadrant. Since the romulan government no longer exists, or rather it exists in the form of rebels who some have sided with the federation, you would think that the treaty would be expired.

You would think that after what, 50 years that they would have figured out a way by now to rig the damn console to the ship's core.

Gameplay wise, there really isn't any reason why a cloaking device should be considered a console anymore. It really does put the defiant and gal dreadnaught at a severe disadvantage now, (well, even more than they were).

Its not like feds don't have cloaking ships now anyway, given how many warbirds you see flying around so it really wouldn't break anything.

Again, it doesn't need battlecloak, just remove the console requirement.