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12-10-2009, 10:33 PM
Originally Posted by Raithius
First off...

Eve Online boring? Its simply that some people that come to try it have never experianced the freedom of choice it offers. Diplomacy, piracy, politics, PLAYER DRIVEN ECONOMY, conquests, espionage the list goes on and on and on i could be on this soap box for days. Most people simply don't have the patience or imagination it takes to get the most out of it.
Nothing wrong with EVE... it's a great MMO. But it's not everyone's taste since everything is so cut-throat with player-driven factions, a strong PvP focus (PvE is horrid), and never being able to see your character. That's why the people who don't play it just don't like it. But it has a very clean and efficient client with true freedom for a space/sci-fi MMO.

Originally Posted by Raithius
STO will not even scratch the surface of what eve can provide... oh and i wonder if the expansions for this are going to be completely free too?
I agree. EVE is very open-ended, while STO will be much more restrictive. I hope that future expansions correct to some extent.

People are making a lot of comparisons, but in the end, STO is a very different breed MMO than EVE.