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The Trouble with Tribble: A Guide to Testing on Tribble


This guide was created with the intention of making it easier for new players (and newcomers to Tribble) to learn about the joys of testing new content on Tribble. I'm going to reserve the next few posts for updates. I also wanted to open this up to other veteran testers to offer their insight, which I will add to the original posts as I get them.

Devs - Developers (of the game)
Doff - Duty Officer
DS9 - Deep Space Nine
Holodeck - The live (and primary) server for playing STO
Rep - Reputation (system, marks, etc.)
Redshirt - The sometimes-used secondary test server
Shards - Multiple structurally identical "worlds" of the game; STO has 3: Holodeck, Tribble, and Redshirt
STF - Special Task Force missions
STO - Star Trek Online
Tribble - STO's primary public test server, not to be confused with...
Tribbles - Puffy fur-balls that sit in your bank and inventory and drive Klingons crazy

We're Not in Kansas Anymore: What is Tribble?

Tribble is STO's primary public test server. Test servers are places where the devs allow players to test new and upcoming content before it hits the live server, Holodeck. The point of Tribble is not to create a place where you get to see everything everyone else sees it (although that is pretty fun), but to create a place where you can test for bugs in the programming, graphics, etc. and report those bugs to the devs so that they can fix them before everybody starts complaining after the latest patch to Holodeck about how their heads disappear when they put on EV suits. Testing is both an opportunity and a responsibility. You get to see new content, but you should also be ready to report bugs when you see them.

Sometimes when testing for a new season is going on, the devs add the Redshirt testing shard to the playable shards. When this happens, Tribble becomes the shard for testing the new season update stuff, while Redshirt becomes the shard for testing the updates that will get ported to Holodeck at the end of the week (normally just minor tweaks and bug fixes).

This Isn't Your Holodeck's Star Trek [Online]: Differences between Servers

Before you even hit Tribble to start testing, you should be aware of some of the major differences between Tribble and Holodeck.

1. Capacity - Tribble can hold far fewer players at one time than Holodeck can; as a result, on heavy testing days (often on Tribble Test Weekends [see below]), you may find queues to get in and test. This is normal.
2. The Zen Store - For the most part, the Zen Store is disabled on Tribble (there are some things in it, but it hasn't been updated in a while). You also cannot transfer Zen to Tribble, and the dilithium exchange is disabled.
3. Free Things - As Tribble is designed for you to test things, the devs will give you free access to rep powers, ships, consoles, etc. that you normally couldn't get for free or without grinding out a lot of rep marks. The consoles to gain access to these things are located on Drozana station in the main bar area (just run around until you see "Testing Console" or something along those lines).
4. Things That Don't Carry Over - One way to test Tribble, is to transfer a copy of your character over to Tribble. If you do this, you should note that any earned rep levels, any items in your account bank, and some of your uniforms/ships will not carry over with the transfer. Fleets also do not carry over. There are separate Tribble fleets.
5. Things That Do - Your EC, dilithium, rep marks, etc. will carry over to Tribble if you transfer your character. Any veteran rewards earned from actual subscribed time (not life time subscription instant access to all veteran rewards) carry over as well.
6. Rougher and Wilder - Tribble will have more bugs and glitches. Don't expect the build to be perfect; you are there to catch those bugs so the devs can fix them.
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