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The First Rule of Fight Club: Ship Focus Testing

First, a caveat - I have not focus tested any ships on Tribble (despite vocally wanting to every time), so I cannot speak from experience (most of this is paraphrased from BranFlakes' posts on Tribble Ship Focus Testing). Basically, the devs from time to time wish to test out new ships in a small select group (picked on past feedback and testing options - not sure what else beyond that because way more people meet that criterion than get to test ships). I gather that you will have to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) while testing these ships. In other words, the first rule of focus testing club is don't talk about focus testing club. Past ship tests included the Vesta the Scimitar.

Recently, the devs returned the ship testing console in a new location (it had been removed when Legacy of Romulus went live). You can test two Romulan warbirds (you need a level 30 Romulan captain to test them). The console is located on Drozana station across from the bank and exchange consoles (the room with the dabo table).

Can Tribbles Fly?: FAQ's

I'm going to use this space to answer some frequently asked questions about Tribble.

Q: I don't see the Tribble shard available in my launcher. How can I test?
A: Try following the steps for "Transferring a Character to Tribble" above and see if the "Tribble" shard option shows up.

Q: I can get into Tribble, but it says "the server is unavailable at this time." What gives?
A: The devs take down Tribble for regular updates, just like they do for Holodeck. The only difference is that public test shard statuses are not put up on the website. If it says it's down, then they are probably doing server maitenance.

Q: I'm an old tester, but I can't find my old characters anywhere. What gives?
A: The devs periodically wipe Tribble to eliminate old, unused accounts and to free up space for an anticipated spike in the server load (the most recent one occurred around Legacy Romulus testing). You'll need to create a new character or transfer one over again.

Q: I'd like to join a fleet in Tribble to test new fleet holdings. How can I do that?
A: Look through listings in the Fleets on your social menu like normal. The biggest fleet tends to be the official Cryptic testing fleet (currently called Cryptic Tribbles Reborn). To get an invite, simply ask for one in the public channel "TTS" (type: "/channel_join TTS" without the quotation marks into your chat bar). If someone is on, they will invite you (everyone is recruit rank with permission to donate, buy, and invite). Of course, just like every public channel, beware of trolls.

Q: Are there any ships I can test that aren't just for focus testing?
A: Yes! Recently the devs put up two new Romulan ships for Tribble testers to test. You can access them by going to a terminal on Drozana station (in the room with the dabo tables; across from the bank and exchange consoles).

The Undiscovered Country: Go Forth and Test

That's it for now. I'll continue to update this as more feedback and advice (hopefully) pours in. This should be a primer to get you off the ground and ready to test. Who knows, maybe it'll even merit a sticky from BranFlakes. So now that you have been primed, in the words of Kirk, head "out there, thatta way" and start testing!

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