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06-20-2013, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
Don't give your Boffs sweeping strikes if you're going for melee.

DO give them two lunges.
I totally agree. All of my Tacs (I have 3 in total) all have lunges. I see my boffs do a lunge, take off 400-500 hp in one shot, and if their target is still alive after that, normally just one swipe from their weapon is enough to finish them off. i suppose this is why every encounter I get into with my away team is over in just a few seconds!

I also spent a respec token to adjust all my traits and skills to give an equal advantage to space and ground combat, especially with melee in mind. Many players make their captains skill top-heavy for space skills, but keeping them even is the best option methinks.

Just wish there was more of a selection of melee weapons!!!

I would like to add that If anyone needs players for STF's exclusively for melee, then find me ingame as I would be happy to join in!