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06-20-2013, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by kalavier View Post
Gorn also can't change outfits.

If I attempt to swap outfits on my gorn character, it does nothing and remains on the one he currently wears.
That is a problem not only related to Gorn character. I have several characters of different species with 'death' costume options.

The main problem with Gorn character customization is the fact that slider movement has hardly any effect. This is very noticable with body customization. I don't know if this is the case with other races to. I haven't figured that out. Gorn are however a race with a wide 'spectrum'. I would like to have a tall big guy, a tall slim, a short slim and a short big one and they should differ noticeably.

Right know I have found a work-around, but that proves something is not working as intended. I take a boff, one that I have or one of my alts or I buy one and put it into my crew. I check him at the tailor if he has the right posture I alter cloths, fine tune things etc. and save him. Then go to my playable gorn and load the saved one. You cannot do this in one session, if you do you get your original boff (a costume option you never actually saved). So get out the tailor and get in again.

It is a work-around, I do not need to recustomize characters al day long, once they are fine, they will do, but I hope Cryptic will look into this.