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06-20-2013, 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by antras1 View Post
could you please give a short statement that our problem (postings directly above) is acknowledged and your team is working on it, presumably getting it fixed until ... ?
Or at least acknowledge it SOME way.

Right now cryptic promised us a product, we paid for it, it was not delivered to us nor were we offered any compensation or information.

Thank you, it would mean a lot!
I just tested a purchase on a new account, and it worked. I was able to go in-game and claim it, too.

Is it possible you did not confirm your purchase? Try clicking this link (which is in the OP at the top, in lime-green text): What happens when you go there?

When you go here (, it should show "Legacy of Romulus Legacy Pack" under 'Activated Features'. Is it there?

EDIT: If you go through the completion step AND it's not showing under the 'Activated Features' section, the purchase may not have gone through. If you confirm that the purchase did go through with your financial institution, please reach out to our billing team at ('Contact Us' tab, 'Billing' for the category drop down). If you are not able to reach the support site, please email directly to and put "billing" in the subject line and as many details in the message as possible. Filing a ticket is always the preferred method to contact us as you can ensure your ticket is in the right queue via the category dropdown.

Please note that tickets are answered in the order received, and as fast as possible.


Brandon =/\=

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