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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
It's pretty fun to watch, huh?


Brandon =/\=
Pretty Fun? Its brutal! lol

When you give the away team ranged weapons, I find their rate of fire is never up to speed. Give the away team melee weapons, and they go absolutely nuts!

Even if your dealing with a Borg boss, or the elite drones, get everyone surrounding them all with melee. The elites and bosses hardly get any hits in, because they constantly change targets and never get any hits in. Its nice to see that you can indeed run rings around the ground STF's so long as the players leave their pew-pews at home

Oh and Branflakes, Will we ever see the Nanopulse weapons making a return, like the Bat'leth and Lirpa? I wouldn't like to wait till christmas to get a chance of getting them! Can they be put in the lobi store?

Originally Posted by thestargaze View Post
Ohhh, I would love to try that. I love ground STF.
Try it, I promise it will make you smile with glee when you see your away team knocking seven bells of 'stuffing' out of anyone that comes close to them.

I'm also going to try today to have my away team completely unarmed. i'll test them with the scorpions on Nimbus III, then i'll put them against the pirates in the area, see how they fare.

EDIT: I have to add this as well. I have noticed that with ranged weapons, the away team don't use their skills as often as they should be doing, with melee, they use them much more. I wonder if this is something other people have spotted with an all-melee away team, or if its something not yet noticed by others...

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