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06-20-2013, 07:40 AM
Just to rain a little bit on the parade:

I am not that fond of melee weapons in eSTFs. Especially not in missions like Infected_Ground where people rush across the trigger lines and start the assimilation process - or tend to pull the entire room unneccessarily in Kithomer_Assault_Ground or the final stage of Infected_Ground.

Yes, melee weapons can be nasty. Yet I still prefer the Honor Guard/Adapted MACO rifle - a pulsewave gun with a grenade launcher. As You can pulsewave an entire group that stands close together. Nice combination with a Scientist using his Physics kit and Geologists that may cause a Phasic Instability. Engineers love that with Mines and Bombs (well, not so much anymore since the proximity fuse went out for the latter) as well.

I should mention that the

and the

do cause an Energy-type damage - to which the Borg may adapt.