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06-20-2013, 07:47 AM
I have the non-fleet HEC and have been doing a of reading. I'm good in most PVE's, and normal STF's. Daily's, missions, and events are easy. PVP is challenging, but I can still hold my own for the most part (much more advanced and seasoned players out there than I am).

Education goes a long, long way in this game. I've respec'd twice to get a good build going for my HEC, and found I was using BOFF powers completely wrong and was getting wrecked because of it. A quick changeout of BOFF skills, a little power setting change here and there as I was doing that wrong too, and from recommendations, forms, and some PVP'ers who were handing me my head on a platter, I now have much more survivability than I used to.

ADVICE: When in a PVE or PVP and you see someone with no issues and your having them....ASK. I've found STO'ers are awesome at helping the beginner and the little guy.

Live long and prosper......ask for help.

My next learning cycle is on key binding. 1 power per key? or 1 key muyltiple powers? any advice is awesome.