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Originally Posted by kaigen42 View Post
The mission "Undying" in the Wasteland chain awards a level-appropriate rare melee weapon. In addition, I believe during "Coliseum" if you run back to the weapon racks instead of making your escape right away you can pick up a rare.

Aside from that, the Caitian/Ferasan assignment chain unlocks a rare repeatable doff assignment that awards quality melee weapons, though I haven't seen it come up often.
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Just to rain a little bit on the parade:

I am not that fond of melee weapons in eSTFs. Especially not in missions like Infected_Ground where people rush across the trigger lines and start the assimilation process - or tend to pull the entire room unneccessarily in Kithomer_Assault_Ground or the final stage of Infected_Ground.

Yes, melee weapons can be nasty. Yet I still prefer the Honor Guard/Adapted MACO rifle - a pulsewave gun with a grenade launcher. As You can pulsewave an entire group that stands close together. Nice combination with a Scientist using his Physics kit and Geologists that may cause a Phasic Instability. Engineers love that with Mines and Bombs (well, not so much anymore since the proximity fuse went out for the latter) as well.

I should mention that the

and the

do cause an Energy-type damage - to which the Borg may adapt.
Well the energy whip is a ranged energy weapon first of all, so it is not a melee weapon (I wasted lobi finding this out) and secondly, the tholian sword gives energy damage only when its charged, and that is in addition to the melee damage. Also, thankfully, the Dev's haven't caught onto this yet. If they do nerf the sword in the next update, I shall hold you responsible for bringing it up