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Originally Posted by motito78 View Post
the bad thing about nimbus 3 is the Orion Contraband daily, that mission gets bugged half the time, the upper right part of the city seems like you have 50% change of the object to not be counted
Glad somebody else noticed that too. I've only failed this little mission when I have to go to that spot that looks like an encased exhaust fan in the northeast part of town before you get to Law. You scan and nothing happens then time runs out.

Same node caused me to fail 3x

As to the Op, I agree it's a nice zone. I enjoyed exploring Hassan's place, falling into the flaming pit trap, and seeing the pictures of the villains in the hallway leading to his private room. I also liked the chance to fight with a variety of species in the space battle. That diversity is much appreciated, even just having the Yridian fellow is a nice thing.

Too bad we can't buy a planetary map like this and build up our own base or town.

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