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Originally Posted by ironmako View Post
In MMO's i like to mix it up a little, use the tools which are not part of the norm, and STO is no different.

I love using melee, in fact recently, I was part of an all-melee squad on a ground STF elite(khitomer in stasis) and it was brilliant! the Borg never stood a chance, and we got the optional with time to spare. This happened, as with Melee, you dont have to worry about shields, and because melee weapons score more crits, and generally have a higher DPS (due to the lack of range). Oh, and no frequency modulations! yay!

I Decided though, that instead of players holding the weapons, I wanted to see how my NPC away team do. My current team consists of:

Me (Klingon) - Tac - Lobi Crystalline Sword

Orion Female - Sci - tsunkatse falchion

Orion Female - Eng - tsunkatse falchion

Orion Female - Tac - Shattering Crystalline Sword

Nausican Male - Tac - Naausican Tegolar Sword

Yeah, plenty of Orion ladies I know, but i assure you they are all wearing the full Bortasqu' Uniform, so they are completely covered!
Melee is fun, I run a Tac with the close combat kit for my KDF Romulan and it's great. My only complaint is 90% of enemies will run away from you if you get close so Sweeping Strikes is about useless aside from kicking someone a couple times while they're down after a Lunge or Stun Grenade. The only ones who will reliably not run away are Borg and Tholians, as Borg are just too slow moving to go far before being knocked down again and most Tholians seem to come with standard melee attacks.

My other KDF character is an Orion with a full Orion away team, because Seduce is such a hilariously effective ability. I tried mixing it up with a couple Letheans to try out Rapture but it didn't work as good as Seduce.

I like Nausicaans for melee boffs though, give a Nausicaan Ambush and Stealth Module and watch them 1 shot most things with Lunge. The Jem'Hadar boff and Klingons are also good.