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Has anyone else had a bad experience with peanut labs surveys? I have successfully taken several surveys and gotten my credit and been screened out of other surveys. No problem with any of that.

But in the past couple of days I took two surveys that lasted at least 20 minutes and at the end of the survey they said I was screened out. The last one was clearly fishing for specific answers that I did not give. I must have answered at least 20-30 very specific survey questions and then it said it was screened out and it did not give me any credit.

I certainly understand about screening folks initially but that should only take a few minutes and not ask specific questions. I answered at least 20-30 questions on my reactions to certain things, my feelings about GMO, my thoughts on dolphin safe fishing, all very detailed. Then after 20 minutes of that it said I was screened out.

I don't consider that a screen. I put in a ticket with peanut but they just told me I was screened out. Duh, that is what my ticket was about, did you read it?

Has anyone else had similar experiences? It was very off-putting. I like the promotion and I like to answer surveys, but why bother if they are going to 'disqualify' me after 20 minutes of my time.