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06-20-2013, 12:49 PM
Yes, I've earned over 3000 zen taking surveys, I certainly understand when I get screened out early. My issue is wasting 20 minutes of my time and then being told I'm screened out because I didn't give the answers they wanted.

The last one I took was clearly written to elicit certain answers. Having some professional experience with surveys I know how that is done so I gave my answers, not the ones they wanted. So they dumped me with no zen after 20 minutes. Clearly if you don't give the answers they want they will dump you and call 'didn't qualify'.

In politics it is called 'push surveys'. It is quite common to discard the surveys with responses you don't like and only count the answers you like to inflate you statistics. Remember that next time some yahoo politico claims the survey says. You can usually believe Harris, Gallup and the other well known reputable firms. But when it says something like "Americans for a More American America" you know you are getting cooked data.