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My Andorian engineer's ships are all named after figures in Finnish mythology. The Luohi, The Loviatar, The Ukko, ect. Current ships are the USS Ilmarinen (named after the Finnish hero/god who forged the dome of the heavens) and the cap's yacht is the USS Sampo ( after a device forged by Ilmarinen that could create gold, grain, or salt at will.)
I like this, very much. As far as Star Trek has gone to portray people and cultures the world over working together (and it has done much) I keep wishing it would push more.

I loved that Capt. Robau was "born in Cuba and raised in the Middle East.". I loved discovering a people of which I'd never previously heard, Chakotay's ancestors the Rubber Tree People. Had I not created my Fed human as a homage to movie serial sci-fi, I'd be researching names and context to create a captain and ship tied to Greenland, or Yap, or aboriginal Australia, or some place and people not usually seen in Star Trek.