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06-20-2013, 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by rendar1970 View Post
Not trying to necro a thread, but since PWE in all its wisdom doesnt allow me to create new topics, I felt this one was the most appropriate to ask my question.

Im currently running 4 Single Cannons / 4 Turrets

EptS1, Aux2Bat1, RSP, DEM3
EptW1, Aux2Bat


However I had 2 questions.

1> How much better/worse would the same build be but replacing 1 front cannon with a Torp. And replacing 1 aft turret with Kinetic Cutting Beam. Basically im finding in STF's I melt shield but lack in taking down hulls. Obviously changing APB to HYT

2>Is Aux2Bat builds really that great on cannon builds? Is there something else that works better?
personally i think thats where the limits of the excelsior are...and the benefits of the fleet AC or the tac oddy start. both work better with torps since they can accomodate torp powers without giving up anything in the tac department.
projectiles are pretty much worthless if you have no torp powers imho.

once you have 6 or more engi boff slots, aux 2batt build is probably the best you can have in regards to damage.

personally i can only advice you to try it out with a KCB for a few days...if you think it is enough kinetic dmg than thats cool...
personally i would change into an fleet AC and get spread 1 with a quantum launcher, preferably the 180 degree launcher.
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