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06-20-2013, 05:04 PM
The only real thing to choose is what type of weapon will you be using? with your build, i'd focus on tetryon, plasma, or polaron.

tetryon for obvious degradation to shields, plasma for the burn proc and fleet sci modules, and polaron to reduce power levels in the enemy.

with CRF or CSV, polaron cannons do well at reducing enemy power levels, leaving them more susceptable to damage due to slower speed, lower shield strength, or less weapon damage, giving u more time to chew them down. With all weapons firing, u will need to focus all power into weapons, and make up for less shields with consoles boosting shield cap and minimizing damage thru neutronium.

I'd also consider getting a KCB in lieu of a 4th turret. DPS will outmatch the turret.