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I know this has been mentioned before, but here goes... While it's fun to come up with special uniforms for bridge officers, there needs to be an option to make crew uniforms. There would be six primary categories: male and female styles for sciences, tactical, and engineering. When a new crewmember joins, they appear wearing the uniform for that branch and gender. That way, you wouldn't have to start every new BO with a uniform creation session.

And when you go down to your crew decks, all of your crew are dressed properly.

I've mentioned elsewhere I'd also like the more shapely legs of the TOS uniform in the Sierra and Antares skirts....and while you're at it, how about some Jupiter skirts.

And will the Klingons and Romulans be receiving Jupiter equivalent uniform sets?
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To tell you the truth, I would love to see an option that would allow us to use sleeve rank braids while also using collar (TNG style) rank pips.

I am also just going to say that I would love to see some Into Darkness uniforms. I know we already have TOS and that's fine, but I love the gray uniforms with the hats. That was something always missing from Star Trek. I can now see a connection between current day military and STAR TREK...Awesome.

That's just my humble two cents Take them for whatever they are worth.

I guess one more thing would be nice. Abram's Star Trek movies have shown us a wide variety of available dress options. I would love to see some of the other department variants, like Dr. McCoy's white inform and coat. I also like their wet suite from Into Darkness.
I haven't seen into Darkness. BUT I HAVE SEEN Uhura's black wetsuit uniform (which to my eye actually looked like the undersuit for the MACO Elite Armor) and I would love to have that in game.

Has anyone seen the Countdown comic TNG uniforms? Those were hot. They'd be an excellent addition especially since it's all the same continuity.
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