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06-20-2013, 09:20 PM
I'm a Romulan KDF here are my wants

-workable holster option on belt with a clip or leather sheathing

- more vest options, like a warrior one or a smuggler one

- have the option for a truly open jacket with under shirt low cut or normal

- seasonal gear available year round like winter, swimwear, Fall etc.

- Baldrics for Romulan KDF

- more scales options for Gorn with tails ( i want my Gorn Boff to have that Velociraptor look from The ST Video game for 2009.

- Armor options outside of maco gear for all characters. I like the look but will NOT spend all my time grinding for it make it a cstore clothing buy. Or like a SWAT uniform.

- more tech gear like Romulan Boffs

- sunglasses and hoods for Romulans and FULL capes like the Tal Shiar some Romulan
civilians have hoods too.

Expand Tal Shiar options with capes boots, belts, etc
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