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12-11-2009, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by NathanWhedon
why? because 10 pages of questions does NOT equal 5 or 6 answers. thats ridiculous. <rant snipped>.
Curiously, have you been paying attention to the Ask Cryptic threads?

Prior to Closed Beta, there would sometimes be multiple Ask Cryptic threads on the same subject, such as ships. That alone explains why they don't answer all of the questions. Here are some other reasons:
  • Hundreds of questions asked - It would be a huge time sink to answer every single question asked. We don't want Cryptic to spend hours typing up answers that could be spent finishing and fine-tuning this game.
  • Questions duplicated - more than one person will ask the same question. Sometimes on the same page. No need to answer the same question twice.
  • The answers are already out there - many times people come in and ask questions that have already been answered. There's not much point in answering "how many people make up an away team" or "what ship do I start out with?"
  • Off topic questions - Many questions do not pertain to the topic. Fairness to those following the topic means not answering a "can I paint my ship pink?" question regarding away teams.
  • Answers forthcoming - some questions will have their answers in an upcoming interview or video or (perhaps) screen shot. For the former, they want to keep that information with the interviewer to give the information instead of spoiling it.
  • Pacing - There's generally a time line of what will be released and when. If John Doe's question is "answered" on the time line two months down the road, they won't want to answer it sooner.
  • Teasers - By not answering all of the threads (qualified) questions, anticipation builds.

It makes sense that they don't answer all. It's similar to a news conference. A better concern might be "when will Cryptic answer some of these questions?" Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be today since they have a new trailer out.