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06-21-2013, 06:56 AM
I haven?t played with a Dread in a very long while. You will always be married to the phaser thanks to the lance. Back in the day as an engineer cannons netted more DPS by a good margin if you knew how to maneuver your ship to keep all guns on target. Cycling 2 directed energy modulation (DEM) powers was worth roughly 10% DPS boost during a run on a parser. With beams DEM was lucky to net half that thanks to the way the proc works. You might could get more out of it with your tactical (TAC) captain powers in a cannon build than I was able too. The new (at least to me) RCS consoles look like they could make a four dual cannon build viable for PVE which would be a significant DPS increase over what I noted with both DEM and TAC captain powers.

However, we are playing in the day of auxiliary to battery builds (A2B) ruling the roost amongst cruisers and a Dread is well suited to running it. You don?t have the TAC bridge officer slots to really maximize a cannons effectiveness but beams aren?t so demanding to get big numbers from when power is available. Seven or eight beams with ample power is nothing to brush off lightly.

I don?t know what you are willing to grind out EC for. The needed duty officers for a cannon / DEM build are much cheaper at last look than those needed for an A2B build. It should also be noted that most people running an A2B build right now are using plasma, embassy consoles, and such that the Dread isn?t always best suited for being a phaser favoring ship.

In your shoes, I might favor the dual cannon, dual DEM, dual RCS build with a TAC captain for the price and potential performance. The Dread doesn?t really feel or play like a ?Dreadnought? in the current version of the game thanks to the stats, BOFF, and console layout. It?s dated and actual dreadnought ships like the Jem?Hadar Dreadnought carrier and upcoming Scimitar are making their way into the game. Battle Cruisers and Assault Cruisers make it feel more like an ordinary engineering cruiser with a couple of perks than a warship. It needs an update but can still be fun.