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06-21-2013, 07:43 AM
Originally Posted by duskstrider101 View Post
Man, talk about disappointing. I was really enjoying the ground based skills of the engineer too.

Alright, so I guess the better follow up question is: can a Tac captain fly the Vesta well? I know it seems like I'm hung up on this class of ship, I just really like how it looks and the fact that it's a mini carrier. ^^;

My Rom is a Science captain, so I was steering clear of leveling another one of those again. Then again, I guess if I place my points in different areas, he may play different.

Thoughts? Thanks again for all of your input.
a tac can be good in anything, in the vesta as well (tho the bonuses are less as the tac buffs, do not buff the pets)
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