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06-21-2013, 07:44 AM
Well, you hit the nail with the Engineer. Where they shine is on the ground, so if you're ground focused it's not a bad class. The problem is in space they can really only tank. They don't have heals that can be cast on team mates so they're poor healers, and they don't have much for damage buffs so they can't do that either. Without a dedicated taunting skill though, they can't pull aggro off the DPS guys so there's no point in being a tank.

I think a Tac captain can roll a Vesta, but the other guys might have more insight on it. Generally you'd want to focus on Science powers that deal damage, invest skill points in the science skills that buff those powers, and abuse your Tactical captain abilities (Attack Pattern Alpha, Tactical Fleet, Go Down Fighting) to buff their damage even more.