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06-21-2013, 08:00 AM
Running beams or cannons means you're playing 2 different styles.

Beam boat the Dread Is more suited as turn won't be as big an issue and you can keep sustained pressure dps on target until a lance strike opportunity comes up. I like running the Dread this way with 5 beams, DBB and 2 transphasic cluster torps for added spike.

Cannons you'll have much less pressure dps so you'll make your attack run them switch to full power to Aux and truly support your team. I've tried this strategy but didn't like it as much bc with the Aux2batt build your support abilities are limited.

Unfortunately until we get the fleet dreadnought with 4 tac console slots and ltcommander tactical station and a fix for the accuracy of the Lance there are better ships for this role.