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06-21-2013, 08:55 AM
Hello Nicholas.
I am really glad that you have taken the time to not only pass along information on this outstanding event ,but educate people on how Star Trek has ALWAYS lead the way in breaking stereo-types & taboo's. I am the Fleet Executive Admiral for the Spartan Vanguard, Eleventh Fleet, & we encourage diversity. Like you, we have many different types of people gay or lesbian, black or white, Muslim Christian or Jewish, democrat & republican. We love to take time & have extensive conversations not to argue, but to educate. Star Trek has always hit on real life issues that affect the world even today. I forced my wife to watch the entire 7th season of Deep Space 9 with me, & she saw many parallels to the War with the Dominion to the War on terror, PTSD (Which I am diagnosed with as a veteran), Seeking help with these issues, & political gain! You have put in writing what everyone else has always thought, & I am glad somebody did it. I would like to take part in your event. Please add me to your FB my name is Allen Esposito. EVERYONE in star Trek was an outstanding role model whether you agree with how they live or not. They boldly went where no one ever went before. Thank you for carrying on wit that tradition Nicholas.


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