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06-21-2013, 09:20 AM
I'm with the Op! I mean - I've been around for a while (I played for longer than I've been a memeber of these forums), and it's only been recently that people experience these 'afkers.' I'm definitely not one of them but I do on occasion make a mistake as everyone does... So I just had a thought... "Maybe" I had a thought...

IF PlayerX interacts with NPCx, then PlayerXTotalNPCx = +1, else -1
IF PlayerX attacks NPCx, then PlayerXNPCx = +1, else -1
IF PlayerXTotalNPCx is less than Z then Loot1PlayerX = 0, Else Loot1PlayerX=1

Maybe, just maybe - when loot drops the rate for people whom do not do anything, not even fire their weapon - should be a 'factor' in if they get any loot at all <VBG>

IF PlayerXTotalNPC99 is less than X then FinalLoot = 0

Maybe... Just maybe, when the end reward comes along, if you've either just run around in circles, not firing your weapon 'you' shouldn't get much if any loot!!

Maybe... <VBEG>