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If shield redistribution rate became part of the ship stats and tac team added a precentage boost to that?

So tac team is what it is in the current meta. Having flown a bunch of ships, and urging to go back to flying a beam boat this was something that occured to me. Its not so much that tac team is op, but its just very very good compare to its Tac ens competition. It negatively impacts broad siding, and helps to lower Escorts reliance on outsides heals. Since all those shield proc heals, thanks to the high uptime of TT are very effective.

so if we tie shield redistribution rate to ship stats following the formula that the higher your turn rate, the lowers your shield redistribution rate, we could lower the gap between slow and fast turners in pvp. Something that Cryptic, imv, still hasn't quite wrapped their Dev heads around, just how important turn is there.

Tac Team would add a percentage boost based of the targets native distribution rate. This way it would be easier for beam boats to keep broadsiding, since they don't have to turn way their shields facing quite so franticaly, and escorts would have to turn more to keep their shields facing protected, lowering their time on target.

Let's hear it thoughts, criticisms, good / bad?

Why not just say "whaaaa!!! whaaaa!!! I want to be relevant by forcing others to neeeed meeee"?

Why not instead say "I want to be as relevant as tacscorts when doing my niche healer build"?7

Or better yet "those mean escorts! I may have to learn to play!! whaaaa!!!!!"

See? The more we think about what you're really saying the more ridiculous it sounds. I think you should put more time into figuring out a build you like on ship you can live with than trying to come up with bizarre suggestions in the hopes it'll get a groundswell of support and somehow become the "next thing" to nerf escorts. That or go play a proper fantasy MMO, lots of trinity play there.
Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post are a bad starship captain and you should feel bad.
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However, I think with regard to the Romulan Republic player characters/npcs, it all comes down to a finite point:

These are not the Romulans from the shows.