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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
how about using the way to op teamwork and ask for TT from a escort?I know that teamwork is op and needs nerf but its alot easier than changing the game just because theres nothing else to do.
Reading first helps. The mechanics of cross healing stay the same, but if you want uber-distro you'd either fly a ship that has a high base distro, and turns slow, or you escort needs to equip TT3.

In either case cross-healing and distributing team skills would still work the same way as it does now. Please read before you project things into my post.

The target of TT gets a boost to distro (which is what is happening now). THe actual redistribution would be calculate with a different formula though, appling TT boost to its a ships base value. It doesn't matter who sends the TT or if target is ally or self. TT1 on A cruiser results in a certain distro speed, independent if that TT1 came from an escort, or was applied by the cruiser to it self .

Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
Im sure they will remove nukara mines ,vm spread doffs ,and all the new sheet just to revert TT pre s5...
I mean feel free to start your own thread about these issues. I have no idea what that has to do with the OP or anything for that matter. TT pre-season 5 had no impact on shield distribution. What i m proposing has nothing to do with that.
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