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12-11-2009, 01:24 PM
Hi Cryptic! Lifetime Champions subscriber here.

I'm finding you're been made acutely aware that not only was your initial wording about CO 6-month and lifetime subscriber access to closed beta unclear, you also chose not to actively notify these subscribers for clarification, either at point of purchase or following same. I just now became aware of this issue.

Among my friends I have a clutch of hardcore Star Trek nerds who've been waiting for my announcement of "closed beta day" to drop by, get a firsthand taste, and see if they're interested in subscribing. The result of your approach to this matter is now part of their impression. They've been champing at the bit (and by extension, me) for the past month, and news of this issue is not going down well.

It's possible you consider the hardcore fans who are eager to get any exposure, polished or otherwise, to be a significant potential part of your playerbase. Unfortunately for all parties involved, the first day of closed beta was this demographic's Launch Day.

TL,DR: I wield an exhaustive command of the English language's form and function; To your detriment, your existing Customer Service copywriters and their management team don't; With two weeks' notice, I'm available full-time.