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06-21-2013, 03:27 PM
I see no reason why a company should endorse a persons sexuality and promote an event about that persons sexuality regardless of what it is. Its why most companies dont do it to much conflict of interest involved.

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So, this is taken directly from the guest blog post:

"My fleet, Stonewall Fleet, is a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight ally fleet, and every year we celebrate our own corner of diversity by hosting a weekend of events in remembrance of our name sake, the Stonewall Rebellion. We are proud to host the Fourth Annual Pride Weekend this month. Every year, we open this event to the entire Star Trek Online community so they can come celebrate this historic event with us. The event will span the weekend of June 29th and 30th with events planned throughout the days. As well, we have prizes available for participants and contest winners. We welcome anyone who would like to attend. To participate, please join the public, in-game channel: STOPride"

It's a Fleet event, celebrating people's right to choose, whether the majority agree or not. The blog also directly mentions other groups that many of the Star Trek actors represented making the first difficult strides into acceptance.

I see no reason why a company should not support their customer base organizing events to celebrate this diversity, or the long hard road to get here.

This isn't an educational event, its not required, and I highly doubt it will be inappropriate, so why is this even being considered inappropriate for anyone? It's not like they are sponsoring an alt-sex ed course on STO. Perhaps if kids realize that more people around them live different lifestyles than they do, schools and playgrounds will slowly stop being grounds for bullying based on differences, and life in general can be improved.

Not saying that this event will change the world, but hey, you never know. I bet Rosa Parks didn't set out to change the world at first.

Oh, and as for this being inappropriate for children, the Governor of the state of California disagrees: