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Originally Posted by heraldofmanwe View Post
Cryptic (PWE) taking a side in this issue is to me a worrying thing because they are the same people who decide what can and cant be said in game (foundry) and on the forums. On political topics, they ought to remain neutral, lest that "first link be forged." I have no problem with the content of the blog post. I have a problem with a political (or ANY non directly game related topic) stance being taken by Cryptic, even if they are right. The idea of free speech is to protect unpopular opinions.

Summary. Politics on a game forum: bad. Politics being brought up BY THE OWNERS OF THE GAME FORUM: scary / needs a Picard quote.

The politics itself: no comment.
Star Trek was never politically or socially neutral. As an heir to the franchise, I see no problems with PWE carrying the mantle of Gene Roddenbury's vision in terms of the game itself.

Uhuru, Chekov, Spock, Vina, and Sulu were put on the show to help promote Roddenbury's idea of all humans, regardless of their political beliefs, or ethnic and racial histories, were equals.

The TNG episode The Outcast was written to show that there are many valid forms of sexual identity and that they should be embraced.

The Ferengi were created as a foil to the socialistic Federation to show that unregulated capitalistic ideals which rewarded avarice and mammon were concepts that were keeping humanity from achieving its full potential.

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