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06-21-2013, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Let me see if I can express myself here...

I'm a firm believer that all human life is precious, no matter what their color, gender, age, culture, religion, politics, handicap, how they behave, or what they believe.

I also applaud many of the "firsts" pioneered by Star Trek. Human rights and the dignity and liberty of the individual are important.

I do not, however, appreciate the sexual orientation "bent" of this article or the plug for Stonewall and I don't believe that STO should be portrayed as a showcase for the GLBT community.

Diversity encompasses ALL of us, including those of us who hold different beliefs.

I am very disappointed that PWE allowed and promoted this. We are not allowed to discuss religion or politics or offensive topics on the forums, but this was deemed acceptable?

As my signature states, the above is all my own opinion and does not represent anyone's viewpoint but my own.

I could not have worded this better myself.

Pride has traditionally been a political event. The presence of this blog post is an endorsement by Cryptic of a political event, whether they meant for that to be the case or not.

I am in complete agreement with those that feel this blog is inappropriate. Cryptic is endorsing one group of people over others, and one fleet over others. Last I checked there were multiple LGBT fleets in game, why aren't they included, or even mentioned?

If this fleet wants to throw themselves a pride party and open the invite up to all STO players, then all power to them. However the details of their party and the invite should have been made in the General Discussion forum, not the official blog post section. I suggest this blog post be moved to that forum.

Oh and before anyone cries "Cryptic isn't endorsing anything", they are. Guest blogs don't just appear out of thin air by anyone. They have to be submitted, and signed off by someone at Cryptic/PWE in order to be added to the website.

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