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Costume/uniform issues.

Belts and the KDF female Bare top..armored or cutout has many issues where belts clip into the piece. oh.. and the belts ride to high in most cases. They don't even look properly decrative..

Orion. Bares legs and NO Boot's? NPC's get to wear boots.. why cant our orion females wear boots? (old old old complaint)

No customization options for the baldric? Thats where KDF should be wearing thier fleet patch/insignia, and they should definatly be different from fed style... KDF does not do "Logo's" also, habitually have to watch bust size on avatars or a breast will clip through a balric..especially when using the bare top option for female toons. Not all baldric clip.

Fleet badge is set to high on a number of the tunic options both KDF and Romulan where the badge is obscured by pauldrons (vet fur especially for KDF, and Vice admiral double fabric drape on the Romulan pauldrons obscures the fleet patch.

lots here, I tried to sumarise and focus on things that either shouldn't require significant additional functionality or are already available elsewhere in the game.

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Seems to be a bug at the ships tailor right now. Haven't been able to adjust decorative bits on the ships since before the last patch. I change them and everything become shades of grey. Not all ships. My one toon T'varo refit though can't seem to have shades of color other then grey on the pattern selection.. Not essential to game play.. but detracts from the look and feel... and emersion.
I'm going to hold off on adding this one as it doesnt seem to be a KDF specific issue.

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KDF needing to wait lvl 24 before mining instead of 7 (or 9?) like feds.

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The Lobi store costume has errors
can you be more specific?

Added other things noticed else where, looks like some issues with costumes are being addressed on tribble, hopefully they will make it to holodeck
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